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QuizMachine Buzzer Systems


Looking for a buzzer lockout system?  The QuizMachine™ is designed for Quiz Bowl, Medical Jeopardy, Scholastic Tournament, Bible Challenge, Battle of the Books, Jeopardy-style competition, corporate training, or any quiz contest.


At Quizco, we use the highest quality components available to ensure reliable, long-lasting  equipment. Our buzzers are perfect for classroom or tournament use, easy to set up, and fun to use.

    Best Sellers

    Buzzer System - Option A
    Price: $325.00
    Buzzer System - Option A
    2 teams of 4 players (8 total players)
    Buzzer System - Option B
    Price: $375.00
    Buzzer System - Option B
    2 teams of 5 players (10 total players)
    Buzzer System - Option C
    Price: $430.00
    Buzzer System - Option C
    3 teams of 4 players (12 players total)
    Contestant Station
    Price: $25.00
    Contestant Station
    Individual buzzer unit, includes a 3 ft. cable

    Why choose a QuizMachine?

    Each system has a money back guarantee & extensive warranty.

    Fast, Friendly customer service.

    QuizMachine Buzzer Systems are reliable, durable, & expandable - buy a system today and add on later.

    With lightning fast lockout times, ties are never a problem. Only one winner until reset button is pressed.

    Contestant and base stations light up to show winning team and player simultaneously, while an attention-getting buzzer sounds.

    With full lock-out functionality you'll always know who buzzed in first.

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